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What I’ll be sharing with you:


The one thing that will remove overwhelm and bring clarity to your mind in less than five minutes, making it super-easy to take positive action to support your fertility.


Why there is so much debate about stress and fertility, what I’ve learnt about the huge impact the mind DOES have on fertility, and how you can harness this knowledge to take you closer to having your baby in your arms.


Why fertility relaxation techniques might not be working for you (or might even be making you more stressed!) and how you can finally master your emotions and mindset quickly and easily.

It IS possible to be calm, focussed and positive in the midst of fertility challenges
(and it will take you closer to your baby too!)

Who am I and why would you listen to me?

My name is Sarah Holland and I know that mindset is KEY when you want to conceive your baby and create your family. But emotional support is often at the bottom of the list of “things to do to get pregnant”.

It breaks my heart when women tell me they’re thinking of giving up on their dream of motherhood, and a main reason is STRESS.

So, alongside being the best mum I can to my two boys (who came to me through both birth and adoption after my own fertility journey) I am dedicated to making excellent fertility support available to as many people as I can find.

I’m so happy that I found you (or perhaps you found me?!) and now we can creating your Fertile Mindset and get you closer than ever to your baby.


LIVE webinar: 4 Steps to Fertile Mindset Mastery

Monday 17th August

THREE LIVE WEBINARS IN ONE DAY! Choose a time to suit you:
7pm Sydney Australia |7pm London UK | 7pm US EDT








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