V.I.P. Intensive Days

Imagine devoting time to you and your fertility...

Choosing to dedicate a day to explore your fertility journey and immerse yourself in effective emotional healing with Sarah could transform your fertility journey.

You could spend your day focussing on:

  • Exploring and clearing emotional blocks to conceiving
  • Healing from past losses to move forward positively on your fertility journey
  • Become fully prepared for an upcoming IVF cycle
  • Or any other topic that is highly relevant to you and your fertility.

This VIP experience is available both over Skype and in person at selected locations, and is tailored to your own requirements.

Begin to plan your V.I.P. Intensive Day with a free 30 minute consultation with Sarah. Click below to complete a short request form and we’ll be in touch to arrange a time to talk and plan together. 

“I was blessed and excited to find out that I was pregnant after I had been working with Sarah. I’d miscarried two years before and was worried about whether we would ever conceive again. EFT allowed me to address my worries and fears and to transform them, allowing for the possibility that positive things could come forward and that I could be calm and balanced. Sarah had a strong ability to connect with and speak to the thoughts and worries that I was experiencing. I will look forward to using EFT as part of keeping healthy and balanced at future phases of pregnancy and becoming a mom!”


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