You want to have less stress and feel more calm, and know emotional self care is important, but it’s hard to be consistent and find the time.

If you do find a few minutes for your emotional wellbeing, what approach should you use?

And is it really possible to calm your mind with just a few minutes each day?!

I have a solution for you that is quick, easy and effective, taking just 4 minutes in the morning and 4 minutes in the evening, with no prior experience or knowledge of EFT Tapping required!

EXCITING NEWS!! Read below to see why now is best time to buy Sunrise Sunset


The Daily Tapping Challenge will make regular emotional self care easy and give you happier, calmer days and more restful sleep filled nights.

It runs for 22 days and includes:

🌅 Your Sunrise Sunset introduction session – a powerful start to remove obstacles and make daily self care easy!

💌 A daily email for 22 days to remind and encourage you to use the 4 minute recordings in Sunrise Sunset twice a day. I’ll be by your side every step of the way.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 A private and supportive group to share this experience with, chart your progress and share your wins. You’re not doing this alone!

✅ A beautiful Sunrise Sunset tick chart to download or print off to record your daily achievements.

🤗 Extra support along the way as you need it. I’ll be “on call” to answer all your tapping questions for the whole 22 days.

🎉 Finishing with a Celebration Session to acknowledge how far you have come and keep your new healthy habit going.

🎁 Prizes for everyone who takes part! I love giving out prizes and gifts to thank you for taking part.

Get ready for the Daily Tapping Challenge, starting in








So, what is Sunrise Sunset and why do you need it in your life?!

Do you wake in the morning feeling stressed and overwhelmed about the day ahead before it’s even begun?

And then go to bed at the end of the day with a mind so full of thoughts that it’s impossible to wind down and sleep?

Imagine how it would feel to…

  • Start your day with a calm and clear mind, and feeling confident that you can handle whatever challenges come your way.
  • Have a feeling of well being and sense of calm that can be with you all day long (yes, it’s possible!)
  • Feel your mind calming and winding down as prepare to go to bed, to allow a deep restful sleep. Bliss!

I have good news! You can achieve this with an easy emotional self care practice in just 4 minutes twice a day, using the power of EFT Tapping (even if you’ve never heard of or used Tapping before!)



Sunrise Sunset is a unique daily emotional self care program that gives you all you need to quickly learn the technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or “Tapping”), and immediately step into a daily self care routine that easily fits into your day.

At its core is a beautiful collection of Tapping recordings – 5 for the morning (Sunrise) and 5 for the evening (Sunset) – to pick and choose from to suit your mood, as well as a templates to easily create your own powerful Tapping exercises.

Within Sunrise Sunset you’ll also receive my guidance and support to make this an effortless daily self care routine, drawing on my 20+ years of experience helping people use EFT effectively for optimal results in their emotional wellbeing. 

And the best part?! Sunrise Sunset is just £27 and you’ll have lifetime access to all the mind-calming resources!

Look! This is what others are saying about using Sunrise Sunset…

I have been struggling to remember to tap every day, even though I have been using it for a while and I’m an EFT practitioner in training! Sunrise Sunset has made the goal of daily tapping simple by being there every morning and night, with just a simple 4 minutes each time. I just finished a long day working as a Social Worker, and completed the Sunset tapping for overwhelm and exhaustion. Now I feel so much calmer in my mind and body. It is so amazing how powerful Tapping is!

What I most like about Sunrise Sunset is that it’s simple, and there’s a private forum to keep us motivated, to share, and to encourage. I also like that you can easily create your own tapping scripts with the templates provided.

This course makes it easy to use EFT daily – and twice a day at that! You don’t have to sit for a big chunk of time to see its benefits. Two x 4 minutes is so workable; even for a busy schedule!

After using Sunrise Sunset I feel calmer, and I feel more grateful at the end of the day. It has changed the way I saw things, and I was able to let go of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that I didn’t need. I now feel motivated to continue to use it every single day!

- Leanne Yew

I came across Sunrise Sunset as I’m receiving EFT coaching support with Sarah. I wanted to use it to support my own Tapping and a daily practice made sense. It was really easy to use, especially for someone like me who is new to Tapping.

I loved that the Tapping rounds are only a maximum of 4 minutes long, which means it’s easy to add to my daily routine. The guidance within the course on how to create a shortcut to Sunrise Sunset on my phone screen made the recordings very accessible and easy to use. When I was on holiday with my husband, I could simply pop to the bathroom and tap with Sunrise Sunset in privacy!

After my holiday it helped me with my first morning back at work, and I’ve used it to address day to day worries such as work-related stress, and also to enhance a positive day. It never occurred to me to use Tapping when having a great day, and I love having the opportunity to do this.

Overall I have felt more present in my daily life, and I look forward to creating a daily habit with Sunrise Sunset!

- Katie

I came to EFT with a sense of emotional exhaustion, sadness, and overwhelm that had taken over my life. Tapping was so useful and therapeutic, but I had a difficult time remembering to use it outside my guided sessions with Sarah. I hoped that Sunrise Sunset could take my tapping to a new level, and to a more mindful level of equanimity and creativity through a daily tapping practice.

It’s such a great resource for this and I love listening to the recordings via the private podcast feed. Sarah has developed this very practical programme with an incredible (and characteristic) combination of intelligence, thoughtfulness, empathy, and care. After a week of using Sunrise Sunset, I look forward to the tapping interludes, have told several family members about it, and simply want to keep doing it more!

I love the underlying principle that EFT tapping can be incorporated into your day to cultivate mental-health wellness and even creativity. Sunrise Sunset helps you set up a daily tapping practice and helps you turn to tapping more intuitively. I love how calmly alert, and often grateful, it makes me feel.

Sunrise Sunset has also taught me that you can – and should! – practice tapping when all is well and you feel good. EFT is a technique for checking in with myself, gaining perspective and energy when starting my day, and for quieting my at the end of a busy day. The Tapping is soothing and grounding, and a way to communicate with my body, to listen to its needs and its sometimes surprising insights! I’m so happy to have found EFT and Sunrise Sunset. It’s a wonderful tool that I’m keen to continue exploring and growing with.

- Yvette

I am an experienced tapper and teach others to tap too, however I struggle to remember to tap personally on a regular basis. I love the tapping twice daily and that the program has recordings for morning and evening. I also like that it is flexible depending on my schedule and need each day. Sunrise Sunset has helped me stay accountable to myself and provides additional support for me to remember to take care of myself, as I encourage others to do the same! I realised through using Sunrise Sunset that I need to make myself an ongoing priority and think of self care first, rather than an afterthought.

I absolutely love Sarah’s tapping style. I often feel that coming up with the tapping script is the hardest part. What I love about Sarah’s style is that it feels conversational and natural to talk through both my concerns and positive thoughts as I tap, and this allows me to tune in more and not get stuck with “saying the right thing”. Her style and flow is beautiful and something that I always find helpful.

- Nicole

I’d love you to have an experience like this too! I know how tricky it can be to establish an effective daily emotional self care routine. With Sunrise Sunset I believe I’ve found the solution to making it easy, effective AND enjoyable – and you’re invited to join us in this new way of taking care of your emotional wellbeing today!

Five good reasons to buy now:

With Sunrise Sunset…

☀️ … you will finally have an easy way to become less stressed and more calm, and although life may well continue to be “full” (or you might say “busy”!) you’ll have the capacity, clarity and motivation to face all life’s challenges like a boss!

☀️ … you will soon be using one of the most effective emotional support techniques available today (EFT Tapping) AND using it morning and evening. This regular use is the secret to tapping into (pun intended!) all the beautiful benefits of EFT to your emotional wellbeing and mindset.

☀️ … you will start practicing emotional self care every morning and every evening, from the very first day you buy Sunset Sunrise, and will notice the benefits to your emotional wellbeing and mindset as soon as after your first 4 minutes of tapping. Go on – buy now, and start tapping with me TODAY!

☀️ … you will only be expected to dedicate 4 minutes twice a day to your Tapping and emotional self care. If you can make time to brush your teeth twice a day, you can do this (and your mind will feel as well cared for as your gnashers!) 😁

☀️ … you will find out how easy it really is to incorporate high quality emotional self care into your day, and will not only feel the benefits to your wellbeing and mindset immediately, but also be able to visualise a long term commitment to bring more calm and less stress into your life forever!


What you get as soon as you buy:

✔️ Immediate access everything within Sunrise Sunset so you can get started TODAY!

✔️ Bite-sized introduction videos (just 24 minutes in total) including tuition of EFT Tapping if needed, all with captions and full written transcripts. Learn in the best way for you!

✔️ The collection of Sunrise (to start the day) and Sunset (to end the day) tapping audio recordings, each around 4 minutes long, both with and without tapping points named. Super easy to use!

✔️ The option to access the recordings via a private podcast and/or install a shortcut on your phone screen, so it’s always convenient to tap and practice your emotional self care.

✔️ Two handy templates for morning and evening to easily create your own personalised daily tappings, even if ou’re brand new to EFT.

✔️ Tips and resources to make daily tapping a habit that’s as difficult as remembering to brush your teeth twice a day (i.e. not difficult at all!)

✔️ An invitation to our private facebook group – the Fertile Mindset Greenhouse only for Fertile Mindset clients and students, where you can ask me questions about tapping, and give and receive support. I’d love to see you there! 👋

And to make your daily self care super easy and effective, buy now and you’ll also receive:

✔️ Entry to the 22 Day Daily Tapping Challenge where I’ll support you in making your daily tapping an emotional self care practice that sticks and gives you life long benefits! Starting on 8th May.

You have questions? I have answers for you!

Q: Do I already need to know how to use EFT Tapping?

No you don’t! If you’ve never used or even heard of EFT Tapping before, full tuition of this amazing technique based on the Chinese meridians is included within Sunrise Sunset – and it will only take a few minutes to be up to speed (9 to be precise!)

Q: Is this a one-off fee or do I pay monthly?

The £27 you pay for Sunrise Sunset is a one time only fee. You’ll then have lifetime access to everything, including any extra tapping or other things I may add on later!

Q: Is Sunrise Sunset for me and my stressed mind?

Whilst we all experience stress in different ways and for different reasons, EFT is an extremely effective technique for any kind of emotional stress. I created the Sunrise Sunset daily tapping recordings to cover everything from being short on sleep, having too much to do or a busy mind, to having had an unproductive day, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, or stuck in a cycle of overthinking problems.

There are also easy to use templates to create your own personalised tappings, as well as recordings to use when you’ve had a great day and want to “tap in” and reinforce the positives! I think you’ll find Sunrise Sunset suits you, and if you want something else included let me know – I welcome feedback!

Q: How much time will it take?

The introduction videos are 24 minutes in total, and then the daily tapping takes just 4 minutes twice a day. We all have time for that, right? And if you seriously feel you’re so stressed and busy that you can’t find 4 minutes twice a day, then you definitely need to use Sunrise Sunset to bring some space into your mind and life. (((((hugs)))))

Q: How can I access the daily tapping recordings?

You can access them on whatever computer or device you purchase from and you’ll create a log in with your email and a password when you register.

You can also access the recordings on a podcast feed (which I personally love!) and/or create a shortcut on your phone to conveniently take you straight to the recordings every morning and evening. Easy instructions to do both are included.

Q: What is your refund policy?

If you use Sunrise Sunset fully and do not achieve any positive results within 7 days, you can apply for a full refund. This does not include a change of mind, and we will request feedback on your experience so we can improve our offerings and description of them in the future.

I have a different question.

Click on the ‘Message Me’ box below and let’s chat!

Get ready for the Daily Tapping Challenge, starting in









…I am the Fertile Mindset® coach

I believe wholeheartedly in the power and brilliance of your mind. I also know that life can get busy and complicated, and we can feel overwhelmed and held back by our own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I’d love to help you create your own amazing Fertile Mindset through the power of EFT Tapping, and I’m so happy that you’re here!
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