Cut through overwhelm, end procrastination and take inspired action to achieve your greatest dreams and goals in life.

Get quick results with 5 simple steps, all sprinkled with the magic of EFT Tapping (no previous knowledge or experience of EFT needed – I’ll teach you all you need to know in minutes!)

Space to Think will be available from Monday 19th June. Purchase now to take the first important step (details will be emailed when you sign up!)








Space to Think will be available from Monday 19th June. Purchase now to take the first important step (details will be emailed when you sign up!)








One time payment – yes, really!

Are you sabotaged by your brilliant, busy brain that is amazing at coming up with ideas, but also prone to complete overwhelm and procrastination?

And rather than doing one thing well, and getting closer to your dream life / home / family / job / business / whatever is dear to you, you’re dabbling in 1001 things and spinning in circles.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could…

  • Finally have an easy way to say good bye to overwhelm, and go-to method to keep it at bay in the long term.
  • Have the mind-space to focus on your most exciting and enticing life goals, dreams and plans, and feel confident about making them happen.
  • Be the proud owner of a clear and calm mind that can easily prioritise what is most important and let go what isn’t (yes, I know everything feels important right now – that’s the problem, and we’ll solve it!)

And all without…

  • The constant chatter of the minutiae in your mind, drowning out your big dreams and plans.
  • Or feeling engulfed by long To Do Lists of the many, many things you feel you should be doing instead of pursuing and creating dreams and goals that make life amazing!

Well, I’ve got some good news to share…

That’s exactly what you can expect when you take my super affordable, super short 5-step course!


A short but powerful process to help you cut through overwhelm and end procrastination so you can re-focus on your most important goals — and get closer to achieving them in less time, with less stress and more fun along the way!

And the best part? You can get it for just £7.

What others say about working with me…

I’ve loved working with Sarah. The impact has been huge.

In our first session I got clarity over my overwhelm and identified my priorities, and I went from nine priorities to just four! As they now felt more much more manageable I started to take action. Within a few days I’d overhauled my entire living space, and redecorated and converted the space. Our session identified I needed a new start and more flow.

The next session we tapped on the many projects I had going at work, and some reservations I was having with people I was working with. This allowed me again to prioritise and walk away from what wasn’t serving me or my long term goals. I really appreciate Sarah’s support.

- Kate

I was considering looking into counselling to support me with a difficult period in life and decided to work with Sarah instead. We worked on a wide number of areas from challenges in running my own business, grief from the death of a family member, the overwhelm of supporting a friend during cancer treatment, as well as managing a complex probate project. Sarah has an ability to simplify what feel like very difficult emotions – she easily gets an understanding of what you are struggling with and turns it into an effective tapping sequence.

I would highly recommend working with Sarah to support you through any type of issues that is bringing up any negative emotions.

- Claire

I wanted to have a baby but PCOS meant I wasn’t ovulating. I researched online for a quick fix solution, but it left me feeling hopeless and overwhelmed and I was getting nowhere. Then I started working with Sarah and quickly realised I needed to focus on the approaches that would help my fertility. With EFT we addressed my worries, and created a sense of clarity so I could focus on all the things that I could do to help my fertility. I made dietary changes I never thought possible, I exercised without effort, used charting to become knowledgeable about my cycle without stress, and learnt how to manage self-destructive thoughts. As soon as I started using EFT I immediately felt less burdened, calmer, more in control and focussed on what was important and what could be let go of. It felt like a great weight off my shoulders.

I was feeling less overwhelmed, more focussed and happier. Within just a couple of weeks of this new approach, I ovulated! And the best news of all, I conceived and I now have a baby boy who was joined baby girl who was once again conceived quickly once I returned to the same focussed mindset with Sarah. I now hope to conceive our third child and achieve my dream of having a big family!

- Joanna

For the first time I’m sharing the unique process I have created to cut through overwhelm and get crystal clear on your next best steps to reach your goals using the power of EFT, for a teeny tiny fraction of the cost of my one-to-one support.

“Yes! I want Space to Think (and Grow Your Dreams!)”

You might be wondering…

What does the course include?

Space to Think (and Grow Your Dreams!) includes:

– Bite sized videos and accompanying transcripts to take you through my unique process.

– Tuition of EFT is included if you’re a Tapping newbie or just want a refresher.

– A warm welcome to my private online community where you can ask me questions about the course and chat with others who are taking it.

– Lifetime access to the full course so you can re-watch and re-use the process whenever you wish.

Important to Know:  Space to Think will be available from Monday 19th June. Purchase now to take the first important step (details will be emailed when you sign up!)

How long will it take?

Going through the entire course will take one to two hours, depending on how long you take on a couple of exercises. You’ll also be able to jump in later to key parts and get results within minutes!

Do I need any resources to take this course?

Other than an internet connection and device to view the course, all you need is a pen and paper for one exercise. It’s up to you how fancy you go with the colours of your pens! Or you can go minimal and use your computer or iPad for the exercise.

What is your refund policy?

If you use the course fully and do not achieve any positive results within 7 days, you can apply for a full refund. This does not include a change of mind, and we will request feedback on your experience of the course so we can improve our offerings in the future.

I have a different question.

Send us a message here and let’s chat!

Are you ready to be free of overwhelm and procrastination, and finally take inspire action on those important goals and dreams?

It can be easy, and quick — I’ll show you how.


…I am the Fertile Mindset® coach

I believe wholeheartedly in the power and brilliance of your mind. I also know that life can get busy and complicated, and we can feel overwhelmed and held back by our own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I’d love to help you create your own amazing Fertile Mindset through the power of EFT Tapping, and I’m so happy that you’re here!
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