Would you like to end fertility stress and discover a powerful, supportive mindset to carry you forward on your path to parenthood and beyond?

Join the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary now for just £9 for your first month.

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What is the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary?

The Fertile Mindset Sanctuary is your home for fertility support and transformation.

Accessible entirely online the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary gives you everything you need to finally be free of fertility stress and create your own powerful, positive mindset to support your fertility journey.

If you are on a path to parenthood you are welcome to join us. You may be several years into your journey or just at the start. You may have fertility challenges, be pursuing fertility treatment, or looking at options such as adoption. Whatever your journey is, you are welcome to join the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary to reduce stress, remove obstacles, instill calm, rediscover joy and invite opportunities into your fertility journey.

What makes the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary special?

The Fertile Mindset Sanctuary is the product of my 17 years of fertility support at Fertile Mindset. The thousands of women and couples I have supported have all been introduced to a very special technique called EFT (also known as Tapping). EFT has the power to bring about fast and significant change to the many emotional aspects of your fertility journey. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never heard of EFT, are already a professional ‘Tapper’, or somewhere in between. Within the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary I will teach you EFT from scratch if needed and then guide you through using this powerful technique for the best possible results to support you and your fertility.

EFT is the foundation of the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary and the perfect partner to your fertility journey because:

  • It’s an easy to learn and use technique suitable for everyone.
  • It helps you reduce or eliminate negative emotions, beliefs or associations you no longer need.
  • It supports you in discovering your inner strength, resilience, and your positive, supportive mindset.
  • EFT brings positive results to your emotional well being much quicker than you would expect.
  • It’s a perfect self-help tool which you will be expertly guided in using yourself within the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary, so you have support at your fingertips whenever you need it both now and in the future. In fact many of my fertility clients have gone on to use EFT during pregnancy and childbirth, and even use it with their children (it’s sooo good for toddler fears and nightmares!)

Are you ready to say “ENOUGH!” to stress and worry, and find a more positive way ahead on your path to parenthood?

Join the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary now for just £9 for your first month.

Your membership will be auto-renewed at £29 per month. You can cancel at any time.

I understand how challenging fertility issues can be, and how it can impact on every area of your life.

I believe every woman and couple experiencing fertility problems needs support, and deserves to transform the experience into something more positive.

You deserve this not only for your fertility, but also for YOU!

This is why I created the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary.

What’s inside the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary?

The Fertile Mindset Sanctuary is packed full of super-relaxing, deliciously calming, mindset transforming resources for you to delve into and emerge feeling more resilient, powerful and focused on achieving your goal of parenthood.

The C.A.L.M fertility support programme

This is the foundation of your fertility support within the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary with 5 webinars and workbooks taking you through the complete C.A.L.M. framework of using EFT for emotional healing and transformation on your fertility journey. The C.A.L.M. programme includes:

Webinar 1: Your EFT Masterclass

Webinar 2: C – Clarity + Creativity

Webinar 3: A – Associations + Attachments

Webinar 4: L – Living + Loving

Webinar 5: M – Manifesting + Magic

Monthly Group Coaching

Within your Fertile Mindset Sanctuary membership you are invited to take part in monthly coaching calls where you can ask questions and request personalised tapping with Sarah. These calls are a fantastic opportunity for direct support from Sarah and to connect with other members of the Sanctuary.

A Beautiful Bundle of Resources!

As a member of the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary you can pick and choose from a library of powerful emotional self-care and transformational resources including:

  • Support Throughout Your Cycle
  • Discover & Demolish Your Conception Blocks
  • Daily EFT Meditations
  • Overcoming Infertility with EFT
  • Fertility Journey Boost Sheet
  • Enjoying Pregnancy After Fertility Issues
You will also receive…
  • Everything you need to quickly and easy learn EFT from scratch
  • V.I.P. access to personal support with Sarah – jump to the front of any waiting list for her in depth one-to-one support consultations (chargeable separately)
  • Access to 24/7 fertility support within our private community where you can meet other Fertile Mindset Sanctuary members, and give and receive support. You’ll never feel alone on your fertility journey again.

Join the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary now for just £9 for your first month.

Your membership will be auto-renewed at £29 per month. You can cancel at any time.

What people have said about the support available within the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary…

Sarah’s ‘Discover and Demolish Your Conception Blocks’ was a precious tool to use on my conception journey and is no doubt one of the reasons that I am experiencing a peaceful, highly enjoyable and easy pregnancy! Through clarifying and addressing any past, present and future concerns, blocks or worries, our mind, and therefore body, is lighter and able to move forward to welcome conception and prepare the ground for a stress-free pregnancy. Whether one needs extra support with natural or assisted conception, or one is keen to prepare as part of a conscious conception plan, I highly recommend Sarah’s e-course as a practical and very simple tool that truly helps prepare fertile ground on an inner level.

Caroline Cain


The Fertile Mindset Sanctuary is not just about getting pregnant but also about achieving personal balance and beliefs that will influence all areas of your life! Sarah has a great spirit and really cares about your overall well-being and fertility. If you’re feeling tired, stressed or overwhelmed, make the commitment to feel more balanced – join the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary!


The C.A.L.M. fertility support programme was great! I’ve been using the EFT technique when I am stressed out about something – sometimes not even fertility related – and it has been a great help.
Definitely sign up. It has been life changing for me!


Join the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary now for just £9 for your first month.

Your membership will be auto-renewed at £29 per month. You can cancel at any time.

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