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The Fertile Mindset Sanctuary

– a welcoming, friendly membership group with professionally guided support for your fertility and every area of your life. 

Because YOU are important!

Do you feel like you need a mindset shift, but don’t know where to start? You are not alone. Fertility issues are known to be one the most stressful challenges we can face, so it’s vital that you have good emotional support. However, it can feel impossible to find the right support that is focused on your emotional health and wellbeing for both your fertility and every area of your life.

This is why I created the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary!

Having the support of a Fertility EFT Coach like myself and being a member of a supportive community, the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary, will give you all the support you need. You’ll feel strong, resilient, and in control of your emotions and mindset.

The Fertile Mindset Sanctuary is not just about getting pregnant but also about achieving personal balance and beliefs that will influence all areas of your life! Sarah has a great spirit and really cares about your overall well-being and fertility. If you’re feeling tired, stressed or overwhelmed, make the commitment to feel more balanced – join the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary!


It is possible to be so much happier and calmer than you feel right now, and still be positively focussed on your goal of having a baby. It’s not only the happiest way for you to live your life while on your fertility journey, but it also enables you to fully focus on your goal of parenthood without stress and anxiety. When we are clear and calm we make better decisions, and we are more resilient and resourceful to overcome challenges. All key qualities to harness when on a fertility journey!

Join the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary

Sign up now for just £29 per month. You can cancel at any time.

Completely accessible online, the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary gives you everything you need to finally be free of fertility stress and create your own powerful, positive mindset to support you on your fertility journey.

  • You may be several years into your journey or just at the start.
  • You may have fertility challenges, be pursuing fertility treatment, or looking at options such as adoption.
  • You may be trying for your first baby, or wanting to grow your family.
  • You may be single or in a relationship, gay or straight.

Whatever your own unique story is, you are so welcome to join us in the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary to reduce stress, instill calm, rediscover joy and invite opportunities into your fertility journey.

Read Joanna’s story below to see how the support available to you within the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary can make a true difference to your fertility journey…

I wanted to have a baby but PCOS meant I wasn’t ovulating and couldn’t try to conceive. I started researching online for a quick fix solution, but the research left me feeling hopeless and overwhelmed and I was getting nowhere.
Then I started working with Sarah and quickly realised I needed to focus on approaches that would help my fertility. With EFT we addressed my worries, and created a sense of clarity so I could focus on all the things that I could do to help my fertility. I made dietary changes I never thought possible, I exercised without effort, used charting to become knowledgeable about my cycle without stress, and learnt how to manage self-destructive thoughts. As soon as I started using EFT I immediately felt less burdened, calmer, more in control and focussed on what was important and what could be let go of. It felt like a great weight off my shoulders.
Once I was feeling less overwhelmed and more focussed I also I felt happier, and I even started to enjoy the process of trying to conceive our first baby. Within just a couple of weeks of this new approach, I ovulated! And the best news of all, I conceived with that very first ovulation! I now have a baby boy of 2 and a half who was joined by a baby girl who’s now 14 months, who was once again conceived quickly once I returned to the same focussed mindset. I now hope to conceive our third child and achieve my dream of having a big family!


“What is there for me inside the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary?”

The Sanctuary is packed full of super-relaxing, deliciously calming, mindset transforming resources for you to delve into. You’ll emerge feeling more resilient, powerful and focused on achieving your goal of parenthood!

“Tapping Tuesdays” – Weekly Live Guided Tapping

Every Tuesday Sarah will guide you through a live tapping exercise within the privacy of our Sanctuary Facebook group. The weekly topic is chosen in response to what Sanctuary members need and request. This is your chance to ask for the support you need!

You can join live or tap along with the recording. Plus there is an archive of 60+ “Tapping Tuesday” videos for you to explore, to release negative emotions and have positive shifts in your mindset.

Sanctuary Monthly Meetups

Within your Sanctuary membership you are welcomed every month to the Sanctuary Monthly Meetups, which are 60 minute online meetups for group coaching and support. In these sessions you can ask questions and request personalised EFT tapping with Sarah.

The Monthly Meetups are a wonderful opportunity for direct support and to connect with the other members of the Sanctuary. The days and times of the Monthly Meetups vary to suit all time zones, and they are recorded for you to catch up with later if you’re unable to join live.


A Beautiful Bundle of Self-Care Resources!

As a member of the Sanctuary you can explore our library of powerful emotional self-care resources to support you and your fertility, including:


  • The C.A.L.M. fertility support program
  • Support Throughout Your Cycle
  • Discover & Demolish Your Conception Blocks
  • Daily EFT Meditations
  • Overcoming Infertility with EFT ebook
  • Fertility Journey Boost Sheet
  • Enjoying Pregnancy After Fertility Issues
  • and more…

As a valued Sanctuary member you will also receive…

  • Fertility EFT tuition resources, to quickly and easy learn EFT from scratch (yes, even if you’re a complete beginner and have never heard of EFT before!)
  • An exclusive 10% discount on one-to-one fertility support with Sarah
  • Access to 24/7 fertility support within our Sanctuary members only private Facebook group (i.e. only other members can see your posts, and NOT your Facebook friends), where you can make friends with other members, and give and receive support. You will never be alone on your fertility journey again.

Join the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary

Sign up now for just £29 per month. You can cancel at any time.

I am a member of the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary and I have had private sessions with Sarah too. I can highly recommend both. If you need time and a safe space to look into fertility challenges in company with others the Sanctuary is a good place to be. Sarah is empathic and has the gift of helping others find out for themselves what they need. I am really glad I discovered Sarah and the Sanctuary, and learned how to use EFT – first as a part of my fertility journey and now also as a new mother.


Who is Sarah Holland and what makes the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary special?

As a mum to two boys after my own 9 year journey to parenthood, and a Fertility EFT Coach who has supported thousands of women and couples on their fertility journeys, the Sanctuary gives you access to my 20 years of experience and expertise. I strongly believe in the positive impact of mindset work on fertility, and through the Sanctuary have made it possible for you to both release every day stress and also make deep emotional shifts, all within a low cost online membership – the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary.

Join the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary

Sign up now for just £29 per month. You can cancel at any time.

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