C.A.L.M. fertility support program




The C.A.L.M. fertility support program is an easy, enjoyable and powerful journey through using EFT Tapping to support the many emotional aspects of fertility.

Module 1: Your EFT Masterclass contains everything you need to learn EFT Tapping (even if you’ve never used it or heard of it before!). Become an expert in the technique that will power your C.A.L.M. experience
and beyond!

Module 2: Clarity + Creativity Eliminate overwhelm and confusion, and focus on your fertility with clarity and creativity.

Module 3: Associations + Attachments Clean the slate and discover a fresh perspective to support you and your fertility

Module 4:  Living + Loving  Rediscover the ‘real you’ and nurture your relationship(s)

Module 5: Manifesting + Magic  Align yourself for success on your fertility
journey and in life, and invite in magic! 

The CALM program is also inside the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary membership. If you’d prefer to join the Sanctuary for £29/month click here.

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