Welcome to the Fertile Mindset Podcast!

Sarah Holland is the Fertile Mindset Coach and a mother to two children after her own fertility challenges. She understands that when it takes longer than expected to conceive a baby worry, stress and overwhelm soon become part of the picture. But what if it was possible to navigate through fertility challenges feeling calm, strong and empowered? What difference would that make to both your life and your fertility journey?

Let this podcast be your guide as Sarah and her guests acknowledge, explore and transform the many emotional aspects of fertility. Whether you’re looking for a way to reduce fertility-related stress, are seeking the missing piece of your fertility puzzle, or want to discover how your mind and emotions can support your fertility, you will find all the support and inspiration you need within these podcast episodes.

EP 036: Finding joy when TTC

EP 036: Finding joy when TTC When we think of taking care of our mindset and emotional wellbeing on a fertility journey, we often think of reducing stress and releasing negative emotions. But there is one emotion that probably was present when you first started to try...

EP 035: Will I be a good parent?

EP 035: Will I be a good parent? There’s a worry that isn’t often talked about but is present for many people I speak to who are on a long fertility journey. It’s that nagging feeling or question: ‘Will I be a good parent?’. The extra time that it takes us to conceive...