FREE online event 1 – 5 February 2022 with Sarah Holland & guests

FREE online event 1 – 5 February with Sarah Holland & guests

Join us at the Fertility Stress Solution Summit

Dates: 1 – 5 February 2022
Location: Online

The solution to fertility overwhelm, anxiety and stress is here!

It’s widely known that fertility issues and treatments such as IVF are some of the most stressful life experiences we can face. The longing to be a parent, the grief with each negative pregnancy test or loss, and living in uncertainty are just a few of the emotional challenges on a fertility journey.

But what is the solution?

How can we take back control of our emotions, thoughts and beliefs around our fertility?

In my quest for the solution to fertility stress, I discovered a powerful emotional support and healing technique called EFT (also known as ‘Tapping’).

EFT is the perfect partner to any fertility journey because it is:

  • Stunningly Effective
    EFT brings positive results and mindset shifts that are real and lasting to the vast majority of people who use it.
  • Quick to work
    EFT takes just minutes to apply and can release negative emotions and thoughts instantaneously.
  • Your flexible friend!
    It can be used on any emotional issue both inside and outside of your fertility issues (Sarah first used EFT to cure her phobia of public speaking!)
  • Safe and suitable
    EFT can be used alongside any fertility treatment and during pregnancy too.
  • Always available and by your side
    EFT is a solution to stress that’s literally at your fingertips and always with you.
  • Empowering
    When life feels out of your control, you can take charge of your emotional health and wellbeing by using EFT as a self-help technique.
  • Deeply therapeutic
    A fertility journey can be a time of intense emotion, and EFT can be used heal emotional wounds from the past and in the present.

And for the first time ever I have brought together the leading coaches, trainers and therapists in the world of Fertility EFT for the Fertility Stress Solution Summit!

    “I don’t even know what EFT is! Can I join the Summit?!”

    Yes, you absolutely can and we have you covered! There will be a EFT tuition session before the Summit begins on 1st February. Within minutes you’ll be ready to take part in all the sessions!

    Here are some quotes from people who use EFT as support on their fertility journeys: 

    “EFT brings calm to the roller coaster of emotions and can be used anytime and anywhere. I always feel so much better after I use EFT! It has given me the strength to continue on time and time again.”

    It was hard to believe how quickly EFT with Sarah worked for me! I had trouble dealing with my fertility problems, and thinking about them brought up so much anger, frustration and jealousy. After using EFT all those feelings lifted and I’m definitely much more relaxed now. People have even commented that I seem happier!”

    “EFT can be used any time to deal with the stress and unpredictably of a fertility journey. It is an amazingly simple tool that allows me to be empowered on this journey to take control of the emotional part of our journey. It also helps me to face my feelings and understand why I am experiencing them instead of just pushing them down.”

    These are the sessions you can look forward to at the Fertility Stress Solution Summit

    EFT for IVF Support
    with Emma Roberts

    Tapping into Your Vision of Pregnancy and Motherhood
    with Melanie Moore

    Transforming Jealousy to Hope with EFT
    with Naomi Woolfson    

    Tapping for the Uncertainty of Fertility Issues
    with Julia Midwinter

    Tapping to Trust My Body
    with Elaine Lopez-Bogard

    Releasing Overwhelm on a Fertility Journey
    with Jo Dalziel

    Getting Pregnant in a Bigger Body
    with Nicola Salmon

    EFT for LGBTQ+ Fertility Support
    with Vanessa Gillis-Phelps

    Tapping as a Solution to Stress and Anxiety
    with Fran Migliorati

    Secondary Infertility and Preparing for Motherhood 
    with Tamara Donn

    Also at the Fertility Stress Solution Summit, you will have access to:

    • A private group on Facebook for the Summit, to connect with and be supported by Sarah, the speakers and the other attendees.
    • Additional tapping support with Sarah every day of the Summit – and YOU get to suggest the topics!
    • An invitation each day to share your experiences and ask any questions you have.
    • Prizes and surprises along the way!

    This is no ordinary online summit.  The Fertility Stress Solution Summit will be the most informative, interactive and supportive online event for anyone on a fertility journey. Its goal is to help you finally find a solution to fertility stress, and I encourage you to join today!

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