EP 082: CLARITY Isn’t Just For Diamonds!

Can your mindset truly shape the course of your life? This is what I believe, and in these three episodes released to re-launch the Fertile Mindset Podcast, I’m exploring the three core values of clarity, purpose and joy. 

First, I take a look at the transformative power of CLARITY and why it is the first episode of the three and often the starting point for my coaching sessions.

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Be sure to listen to the next two episodes, where I explore purpose and joy as the natural partners to clarity and your recipe for a meaningful and happy life!

Here’s what is included in this episode:

  • Why clarity is so important when facing challenges and understanding what we want from life.
  • How EFT (Tapping) can be used to quickly clear overwhelm and bring in clarity.
  • The three types of clarity and how understanding these can be transformative.
  • The many gifts clarity brings us including fostering resilience and increasing resourcefulness. 

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