EP 081: A BIG Announcement!

Welcome back to the Fertile Mindset podcast! After a long break from podcasting, in this announcement, I’m sharing some important updates about the evolution of Fertile Mindset and the exciting changes ahead.

Over the past 20 years of supporting people on their fertility journeys, I’ve noticed how the stress and emotions tied to fertility issues can ripple through every aspect of life. And how many of us want to live happy and meaningful lives, whether on a fertility journey or at another stage in life. This has inspired me to broaden the support I offer, and to focus on three exciting and transformative themes…

Listen to today’s ‘BIG Announcement’ to learn more, and be sure to return next week and every Thursday for the all new Fertile Mindset Podcast. I’m excited to share this new chapter of my support with you!

If this conversation has sparked something within you and you want to live your life with clarity, purpose and joy, then I would love you to sign up for my daily seeds emails. They’re delivered to you each day, giving you messages of support and planting seeds of inspiration. You’ll also receive welcome gifts from me, including an EFT tuition video and some of my favourite tapping exercises to clear overwhelm, reduce stress, help you focus and more all completely free of charge. I’ll also keep in touch with you about upcoming events and support that I think you’ll like. Go to fertilemindset.com/dailyseeds to sign up.

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