EP 076: Why mindset is more important than happiness with Emily Ginn 

This episode features the lovely Emily Ginn who I got to know a couple of years ago when the Clubhouse live chat app was launched. In the fertility support chat rooms, I heard Emily speaking with a depth of true understanding about the mindset side of fertility. Then as Emily and I were on such a similar wavelength, we shared many chat rooms on Clubhouse. More recently I was a guest on her brilliant podcast IVF This. And now here we are, continuing our chat on my podcast now about all things mindset! I really loved where this conversation took us, exploring the difference between happiness and mindset, and why it’s more important to work on mindset.

Here’s what is included in this episode:

  • How Emily discovered her thoughts were making the experience of infertility even more difficult.
  • The effect of the ‘giant spotlight’ that fertility issues shine on us in how we think.
  • Why the way our minds are wired is not suited to the nuances of a fertility journey.
  • What is important to remember when you have thoughts about failing or being a failure.

If the topics talked about in the podcast sound like I was speaking directly to you and your thoughts, then I would love to invite you into the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary. This is my fertility support membership, where you can free yourself from stress, worry and any emotions that don’t feel helpful, so you can then create a naturally supportive mindset; your Fertile Mindset.

In the Sanctuary I’ll guide you through using the emotional healing technique I use at Fertile Mindset called EFT, and you’ll soon be feeling less stressed and more joyful. 

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