EP 068: Creating Space in Your Busy Fertility-Focused Mind!

A busy, overwhelmed mind can feel like an inevitable part of having fertility issues. There is always so much to think about, research, and do! So, in this episode, we’re talking about finding a way of navigating your fertility journey that feels calmer and more comfortable, and which leads you to making good, informed decisions along the way. 

Here’s what is included in this episode:

  • How most people are feeling when they first reach out for support with me, and why it’s so important to get a handle on a busy, overwhelmed mind.
  • An invitation to slow down and find space between your thoughts.
  • Identifying which thoughts are the most important to address first. 
  • How to do this easily and effectively calm your mind with the help of EFT

If the topics talked about in the podcast sound like I was speaking directly to you and your thoughts, then I would love to invite you into the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary. This is my fertility support membership, where you can free yourself from stress, worry and any emotions that don’t feel helpful, so you can then create a naturally supportive mindset; your Fertile Mindset.

In the Sanctuary I’ll guide you through using the emotional healing technique I use at Fertile Mindset called EFT, and you’ll soon be feeling less stressed and more joyful. 

Go to www.fertilemindset.com/sanctuary to join the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary.

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