EP 035: Will I be a good parent?

There’s a worry that isn’t often talked about but is present for many people I speak to who are on a long fertility journey. It’s that nagging feeling or question: ‘Will I be a good parent?’. The extra time that it takes us to conceive our babies and finally become parents gives time and space for this worry to flourish and take hold. Of course it’s natural to want to be a good parent, but this episode talks about why and how this question can create obstacles on your path to parenthood, and how to feel confident that you WILL be a good parent!

Here’s what is included in this episode:

  • Why this question comes up when we’re trying for a baby, and how it’s more likely to be present on a longer fertility journey.
  • How this worry can become a real emotional block to conceiving.
  • The ways our own experiences of being parented (the bad AND the good!) can make us question our own ability.
  • The beliefs about my own ability to parent that I needed to resolve before I became a mother, and how you can do this too using EFT.

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