EP 028: The Donor Treatment Decision

Donor treatment gives many people the opportunity to be parents, but the decision to go ahead can be complex. If you’re considering fertility treatment with egg, sperm or embryo donation you may have fears and concerns that are making it difficult for you to decide whether this path is for you. In this episode I talk about the most common worries, and explore other perspectives and ways to help you find clarity so you can make the best decision for you.

Here’s what is included in this episode:

  • The types of donor treatment and why they may be chosen as a route to parenthood.
  • How you can make the path through donor treatment smoother by doing the inner work on your thoughts and feelings first.
  • Discussion around key concerns including whether you will bond with the baby and what to tell a donor conceived child about their origins.
  • How EFT tapping can help bring clarity to the decision making process.

If the topics talked about in the podcast sound like I was speaking directly to you and your thoughts, then I would love to invite you into the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary. This is my fertility support membership, where you can free yourself from stress, worry and any emotions that don’t feel helpful, so you can then create a naturally supportive mindset; your Fertile Mindset.

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