EP 019: Mindset Work for Fertility #2: What

In this second in a series of 3 looking at the “Why, What and How” of mindset work for fertility, I’m exploring what approach we can take to bring about positive change to our thoughts, emotions and beliefs on a fertility journey.

Here’s what is included in this episode:


  • How to figure out what issues to work on when you feel overwhelmed by your fertility.
  • What else outside of your fertility is also important to address for emotional wellbeing, for you and your fertility.
  • What approach to take when looking at your past fertility story and thoughts about the future to become more present and reduce stress.
  • An invitation to join the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary BLOSSOM membership, before we close the doors to new members on Thursday 29th April.

If the topics talked about in the podcast sound like I was speaking directly to you and your thoughts, then I would love to invite you into the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary. This is my fertility support membership, where you can free yourself from stress, worry and any emotions that don’t feel helpful, so you can then create a naturally supportive mindset; your Fertile Mindset.

In the Sanctuary I’ll guide you through using the emotional healing technique I use at Fertile Mindset called EFT, and you’ll soon be feeling less stressed and more joyful. 

If you’re not already in the Sanctuary, do come and join us now, starting with the BUD level of membership, which is completely free of charge. 

Go to www.fertilemindset.com/sanctuary to join, and then watch the welcome class, which will give you a fast start into taking back control over the emotional side of your fertility.

Your next steps:

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