Terms of participation in Your Empowered Path to Parenthood

By registering for Your Empowered Path to Parenthood you agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well being. No advice within Your Empowered Path to Parenthood is designed to replace that given my your medical care givers, and it is advised to discuss using any new techniques or any approaches with anyone you consult for your physical, emotional and/or mental health care.

Additionally, if you have any diagnosed psychiatric or mental health issues, it is advised that you consult your doctor before using the emotional support resources mentioned in Your Empowered Path to Parenthood.

Your participation in the Community elements of Your Empowered Path to Parenthood (on Facebook within the Fertile Mindset Support Hub) is dependent on you agreeing to the following:

Every member in this Community can expect to enjoy their time here free of judgement. Any member who posts disrespectful, judgemental, argumentative, or offensive posts will be removed.

Please also do not post criticisms of any clinic, doctor, fertility specialist or service. Requests for donations, or medication for sale is not permitted and all spam and posts promoting own services without prior permission will be removed and the poster immediately deleted from the Community.

Let’s create a safe and nurturing space, and please help me do this by messaging me about any posts in the Community you are concerned about.

Sarah Holland, Fertile Mindset and Your Empowered Path to Parenthood is not responsible for any advice or information given by any of the featured speakers, or your use of said advice or information.

The speakers at Your Empowered Path to Parenthood may offer free gifts to all listeners and/or bonus gifts within the upgraded access. The speakers are responsible for delivering these gifts and may withdraw their availability at any time. All enquiries about free gifts and speakers should be directed to them and not Sarah Holland or Your Empowered Path to Parenthood.

Results from taking part in Your Empowered Path to Parenthood cannot be guaranteed and you are responsible for your own health and wellbing while taking part. 

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