5 Days to Fertility Calm
5 Days to Fertility Calm

Finally! A solution to the stress and overwhelm on a fertility journey is here.

The stress of fertility issues can have a massive impact on quality of life, making it impossible to stay calm, hopeful and positive.

Emotional self-care needs to be an important part of a fertility plan, but it can feel impossible to know where to start or what approach to use.

EFT Tapping is an effective technique for complete emotional wellbeing, so how can it be used for the unique emotional challenges that fertility issues bring?

During ‘5 Days to Fertility Calm’ I devote all my time to supporting the participants in implementing daily, effective emotional self-care. It’s perfect for anyone of any kind of fertility journey, whatever their previous knowledge of EFT Tapping is (yes, even if it’s zero!)


We start on Monday 3rd October!


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5 Days to Fertility Calm


A guided and supported challenge that is completely free of charge!



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5 Days to Fertility Calm


A free challenge starting on Monday 3rd October

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