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Your Options for Fertility Support with Sarah

The Fertile Mindset Sanctuary

Step inside Sarah’s inner circle of fertility support by becoming a member of the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary for just £29 a month. Stay as long as you wish and receive direct support and EFT guidance for the challenges you are facing. 

One-to-One Fertility Support

Have Sarah on your fertility support team to guide you through the emotional aspects of your fertility journey and help you achieve the best results possible in the shortest length of time. One-to-one support is online via Zoom and accessible wherever you are the world.

The Fertile Mindset Podcast

Listen in to the Fertile Mindset Podcast for fertility support and inspiration from Sarah and her fabulous guests. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all podcast platforms, or by clicking the button below!

What People Say About Being Supported by Sarah

“EFT support with Sarah changed my fertility journey completely. It started working right from the word go! It helped me relax during a painful gynaecological operation and during stressful IVF treatment. I can highly recommend Sarah – a kind and compassionate supporter just when you need it most. I’m happy to say we just celebrated our daughter’s first birthday!”


“I am so pleased with the support I received from Sarah in our journey to becoming a family. I am an older mother with over a decade of infertility treatments behind me and was exhausted and discouraged. I completed some one on one sessions and found them to be incredibly reassuring and positive. I am convinced our treatments were finally successful in part due to the positive mental state I was able to achieve using these techniques. I plan on using them again to help manage stress and remain positive now that we are parents with three children under three at home!”


“It was hard to believe how quickly EFT with Sarah worked for me! I had trouble dealing with my fertility problems, and just thinking about them brought up so much anger, frustration and jealousy towards other women who were pregnant. After using EFT I felt all those feelings lift and I’m definitely much more relaxed now. People have even commented that I seem happier!”


“I was blessed and excited to find out that I was pregnant after I had been working with Sarah. I’d miscarried two years before and was worried about whether we would ever conceive again. EFT allowed me to address my worries and fears and to transform them, allowing for the possibility that positive things could come forward and that I could be calm and balanced. Sarah had a strong ability to connect with and speak to the thoughts and worries that I was experiencing. I will look forward to using EFT as part of keeping healthy and balanced at future phases of pregnancy and becoming a mom!”


“I booked some one-to-one support with Sarah as I wanted to be supported emotionally during our IVF cycle. The sessions helped me to focus my energy in a positive way. I visualized my precious embryo implanting into my perfectly primed uterus and it worked! We had only one embryo emerge from our IVF treatment and that single embryo resulted in our IVF miracle baby boy. I highly recommend working with Sarah. It’s so beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety so that you can focus on the perfect baby coming into your life.”


“Using EFT is an anxiety freeing experience! The tapping helped me focus and release stress I didn’t need. I now go into doctor’s appointments, traffic and shopping less tense and anxious because of it. EFT even helped with weight loss. When I had a craving for junk food I’d use EFT and find myself asking “what was I craving?!”. I’m glad I found Sarah and EFT when I did.  My body, mind and spirit got on the same page regarding my fertility journey and come March I’ll be welcoming my first child!”