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Welcome to…Sarah Holland

Personal Fertility Support with Sarah

Imagine how it would feel to be supported on your fertility journey..

My support is caring, empathic, non-judgemental and focused on positively transforming the experience of your fertility journey.

We work together one-to-one over the phone or Skype to help you to:

  • dramatically reduce stress and feel calm again,
  • quieten negative thoughts and self-talk about your fertility, so you can fully embrace a positive mindset,
  • discover and resolve any potential emotional blocks to conceiving,
  • achieve positivity and clarity as you move towards conceiving your baby.

How Support with Sarah works..

Wherever in the world you are, we can meet on Skype in private, one-to-one consultations where you will be welcomed into a safe and confidential space.

I’ll take time to listen to exactly what is important to you on your fertility journey, then guide you through using a technique called EFT* to successfully reduce stress and address any emotional issues relating to your own unique situation.

You’ll leave our sessions feeling uplifted and positive, ready to take on challenges and feeling connected to your inner strength.

Having faced my own fertility challenges before becoming a mum to my two boys, I know what it’s like to be where you are now. Within our sessions you will feel reassured by my empathy and understanding, and I will hold a space for the healing and transformation that I know is possible for you. You can read more about my fertility story here and why I am fully committed to the work I do at Fertile Mindset.

Your Fertile Mindset Support Options

Whether you are looking for a one-off support session, or comprehensive ongoing support I have a solution for you below. Don’t see your perfect support plan? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to create a bespoke approach just for you!


If you’re already a confident user of EFT and are clear on one or two areas you want to address, a Supercharge! Single Session may be a good option for you. In this session of 60 or 90 minutes we’ll focus in on the key issues which are impacting on your fertility journey and I’ll guide you through a powerful EFT process to bring about radical transformation. These single sessions are truly supercharged!


Each 60 minute session – £130

Each 90 minute session – £190


level 1

If you would like comprehensive professionally guided support on your fertility journey, and are new to EFT or know very little about it, this package is right for you!

– You begin with a first support session of 90 minutes. In this time I’ll learn more about you and your fertility (and you will learn a few things about yourself too!), teach you the EFT* technique (you need no prior knowledge of EFT), and start working together to achieve positive shifts for you immediately.

– In this package you then have two further 60 minute support sessions, ideally spaced 1-2 weeks apart, although we plan this to suit you and your schedule. In these sessions we will continue to work on a deep transformational level to bring about positive change to your fertility journey.


Level 1 package price – £370


level 2

This package is perfect for you if you are already familiar with EFT and are looking for fertility support over a period of time. Level 2 is also the package you will renew with after Level 1 if you wish to continue to receive support.

– In the initial support session of 60 minutes I will learn about you and your fertility, fill in any gaps about the EFT technique to ensure you feel confident, and we’ll start working together to achieve positive shifts for you straightaway.

– You will then have two further 60 minute support sessions, ideally spaced 1-2 weeks apart, although we plan this to suit you and your schedule.


Level 2 package price – £320


In both packages:

– As well as receiving guided EFT support during our sessions, I will also tutor you in this technique as we work together so you feel confident to use it as a self-help tool by yourself. You will receive written EFT instructions and a Tapping Points Chart as a helpful reminder if needed.

– In between all your support sessions you are welcome to email me directly whenever you need further support or have any questions about using EFT by yourself.

– When all sessions within your Support Package have been completed you will have the option to continue with further sessions if you wish. Level 1 typically renews as Level 2, as the intial 90 minute session is not needed again.

*EFT is the transformative mind-body technique which uses the Chinese meridians to bring emotional balance and well being. If required full tuition of EFT is given and you will be guided through using the technique to achieve the best possible results. To have a sneak peek at what EFT looks like watch this video.


Ready to Get Started?

Whichever support option you choose we begin with a free 30 minute “get to know each other” consultation on the phone or Skype. You can ask me anything to check I’m the right person to support you, and we’ll talk about how we will approach your Fertile Mindset support. If you’re undecided which package is right for you, we can get clear on that together too. Then if you feel we’re a good fit we will book in your first session.

To get started today please complete the form below and I’ll be in touch to arrange your free 30 minute consultation. I look forward to speaking to you soon. :)