The 4 S’s for Pregnancy Success! Number 3: STRENGTH
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The 4 S’s for Pregnancy Success! Number 3: STRENGTH

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People often ask me what they can expect when they work with me. Yes, they know they’ll receive my support and I’ll help them reduce the negative effect of stress on their mind and body (there are those first 2 S’s again – STRESS and SUPPORT!) but what is the real positive result? How will I help them deal with and overcome their fertility issues?

My answer is that by utilising support and reducing the stress and other emotions wrapped up in fertility issues, you will uncover the greatest resource you have – your own remarkable inner strength!

I believe that every one of us has an innate strength and resilience that is an essential part of our human spirit. Yes sometimes it may seem to be buried very deeply and covered by a thick layer of fear and anxieties that stop you connecting with it. After all, if you were to utilise your inner strength to its fullest potential that would sometimes mean taking big, bold action and that can feel scary.

If you’ve been battered and bruised emotionally by your infertility experience or perhaps you’ve experienced loss, it can feel ‘safer’ to keep this strength well hidden. With the right support and techniques – and EFT is a perfect choice – you could choose to resolve the negative thoughts, feelings and experiences that are stopping you from being connected to your powerful inner strength.

Imagine how different your fertility journey could be with strength on your side.

Inner strength can mean that:

*You feel even the toughest challenges can be overcome.
*Instead of barriers and obstacles, you recognise solutions and options to help you conceive.
*You feel able to keep trying for your baby for longer, which may give you more chance of success.
*You feel in control when talking to your doctor and can ask the right questions.
*You have inner resources to draw on instead of always relying on others’ strength to keep you going.
*You’re more likely to emerge from this experience as a whole and undamaged person, ready to be a wonderful parent. :-)

When I work with people I love to see them discover their own inner strength and reconnect with its power. I believe this is one of the most important S’s in this blog series. However it is only part of the story and next week I’ll be revealing the 4th and final ‘S for Pregnancy Success!’ The final piece of the puzzle to put you in a strong position for your own pregnancy success in 2012… I can’t wait to share it with you!


  • Jane

    Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for your message. How can I begin to discover the inner strength? Everyday I have fears of not being  pregnant!

  • Thanks for sharing the post, Sarah. This is an informative and thoughtful article.

  • Thanks for sharing the post, Sarah. This is an informative and thoughtful article.

  • Yes, inner strength is very essential for every pregnant woman. Carrying another life in your womb is never an easy task; however, if a woman is strong enough to handle everything in her pregnancy, then she will be able to overcome whatever challenges she faces. A woman is actually prone to depression during pregnancy, but as long as she can find strength from within, she will always have a reason to fight for both her life and her baby.