Success Stories
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Here are some quotes from a few of the many people I have worked with.  Check back for more success stories!

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“This really helped me to overcome my frustration with my lack of success in trying to conceive. EFT taught me to face up to my fears and anger and to acknowledge them, but not to be bothered by them. It has really helped me accept a lot more of what I am going through and I am really grateful for the help. Thanks Sarah!!”
– Jess (now a mother)

“After suffering a miscarriage at the start of 2010 and being made redundant, I was finding it much harder to cope emotionally than I expected. Every month I was in tears when I had my period and wasn’t pregnant again.  I fell pregnant again at Christmas 2010. Unfortunately at the 12 week scan I was told there was a severe problem with the baby and I had to undergo a termination. After losing 2 babies I was beginning to worry that there was something wrong and I called Sarah to help me cope with the possibility that there may be a difficult road ahead if I wanted to continue to try and conceive again, especially as I was nearly 38.

Not sure how EFT could help I gave it a go and found that it did really help me cope with things. After sessions with Sarah I felt that I could use EFT on my own and apply it whenever it is needed.  Tapping really made me focus on the detail of the anxiety that I was feeling; that there may be something wrong which meant I couldn’t ever carry a baby to full term. There was no way of knowing if this was the case, so EFT really helped not only cope with what the harsh reality may be, but on focusing on being positive and determined to keep trying.  I was then really lucky and fell pregnant by the end of the following month after terminating my second pregnancy.

After losing 2 babies at the 12 week stage and finding out about the problems at the 12 week scan has made waiting for and having scans very worrying occasions. I have used EFT before each scan I have had in this pregnancy to calm my emotions and help me cope with whatever news I may receive. I find it really useful to receive the Fertile Mindset emails and I especially appreciate the short videos on Fertile Mindset TV.

I am now in no doubt that I will continue to use EFT throughout my life. It is a tool that has helped me deal with really sad events in my life but also helped me to focus on being positive and the importance of taking positive steps whatever may happen.” – Paula

“Thank you for introducing EFT to me! It is the most effective thing I have ever tried.”