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Would you like to end fertility stress and discover a powerful, supportive mindset to carry you forward on your path to parenthood and beyond?


What is the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary?

The Fertile Mindset Sanctuary is your home for fertility support and transformation.

Accessible entirely online the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary gives you everything you need to finally be free of fertility stress and create your own powerful, positive mindset to support your fertility journey.

If you are on a path to parenthood you are welcome to join us. You may be several years into your journey or just at the start. You may have fertility challenges, be pursuing fertility treatment, or looking at options such as adoption. Whatever your journey is, you are welcome to join the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary to reduce stress, remove obstacles, instil calm, rediscover joy and invite opportunities into your fertility journey.


pic” Let go of negative feelings, thoughts and beliefs about your fertility and let your most natural, supportive mindset shine through!”


What makes the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary special?

The Fertile Mindset Sanctuary is the product of my 16 years of fertility support at Fertile Mindset. The thousands of women and couples I have supported have all been introduced to a very special technique called EFT (also known as Tapping). EFT has the power to bring about fast and significant change to the many emotional aspects of your fertility journey. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never heard of EFT, are already a professional ‘Tapper’, or somewhere in between. Within the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary I will teach you EFT from scratch if needed and then guide you through using this powerful technique for the best possible results to support you and your fertility.

EFT is the foundation of the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary and the perfect partner to your fertility journey because:

  • It’s an easy to learn and use technique suitable for everyone.
  • It helps you reduce or eliminate negative emotions, beliefs or associations you no longer need.
  • It supports you in discovering your inner strength, resilience, and your positive, supportive mindset.
  • EFT brings positive results to your emotional well being much quicker than you would expect.
  • It’s a perfect self-help tool which you will be expertly guided in using yourself within the the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary, so you have support at your fingertips whenever you need it both now and in the future. In fact many of my fertility clients have gone on to use EFT during pregnancy and childbirth, and even use it with their children (it’s sooo good for toddler fears and nightmares!)


Gabrielle (2)

Are you ready to say “ENOUGH!” to stress and worry, and find a more positive way ahead on your path to parenthood?


I understand how challenging fertility issues can be, and how it can impact on every area of your life.

I believe every woman and couple experiencing fertility problems needs support, and deserves to transform the experience into something more positive.

You deserve this not only for your fertility, but also for YOU!

This is why I created the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary.

Prepare yourself now for the best possible experience of the remaining journey ahead, the greatest chance of success in having your baby, and be ready for the adventure of parenthood.

Who is Sarah?..Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah, your host at the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary. I had my own fertility journey spanning 9 years in total, and now I’m a mum to my 2 boys, aged 9 and 3. I have supported thousands of people on their paths to parenthood and through this experience and my own journey I understand the emotional impact fertility issues has on every area of your life. I also believe good emotional support and self care is essential to your success. This is why I created the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary. I’m so pleased you are considering joining us – this could be the missing piece of your own fertility puzzle!

Much love to you,


What’s inside the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary?

The Fertile Mindset Sanctuary is packed full of super-relaxing, deliciously calming, mindset transforming resources for you to delve into and emerge feeling more resilient, powerful and focused on achieving your goal of parenthood.

The current resources are listed below.. and more are being added all the time. As a member of the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary you have unlimited LIFETIME access to everything.

Get ready to scroll….. there’s a LOT!


Your access to the C.A.L.M fertility support programme

This is the foundation of your fertility support within the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary with weekly webinars over 4 weeks and workbooks taking you through the complete C.A.L.M. framework of using EFT for emotional healing and transformation on your fertility journey. The C.A.L.M. programme begins as soon as your membership starts and you receive a new webinar and workbook each week.

The C.A.L.M. webinars feature:


Are you a “dabbler”? Constantly googling the latest “fertility cure” and trying everything you can, but not doing anything for long enough to make a real difference?

Perhaps you feel confused by all the possible options, are worried about making decisions in case you choose the “wrong” path?

This week we focus on eliminating overwhelm and confusion, calming down any frantic thoughts, and help you make good decisions from your inner wisdom, instead of fear. We’ll also inject some creativity into planning for success on your journey to parenthood. A powerful start to C.A.L.M.!


Do you feel influenced by others opinions about your fertility? Perhaps a doctor gave you a pessimistic prognosis. Or the media’s constant stories about age and fertility are making you feel hopeless.

Your own history, if it includes baby loss, terminations, failed fertility treatments, can also colour how you feel about your fertility journey going ahead. And you may have other associations to pregnancy, birth and parenting which create a sense of fear (even on a subconscious level) which could be causing emotional blocks to pregnancy.

Within this week we’ll clean the slate of any emotional attachments and associations which no longer serve you or your fertility. You’ll discover positive ideas and perspectives which work for your fertility, not against it.

This component of C.A.L.M. has potential for deep, transformational work.


Have you lost YOU within your fertility struggles? Have you been fully focussed on baby making, and your interests have been neglected? When was the last time you read a book that didn’t have “Baby” or “Fertility” in the title?!

Your relationship may be suffering under the strain of fertility issues, especially if you solely rely on each other for support. Strengthening your relationship as a solid foundation for the parenting journey ahead is an essential focus, as well as bringing back some fun and joy into your life while you’re still trying for your baby.

This week is about respecting, honouring and welcoming back the real YOU! It’s also about nurturing a loving relationship and having fun. You deserve it (and it will support your fertility!)

A beautiful, joyful part of the C.A.L.M. journey.


You may be finding it difficult to believe you will have a baby. Your inner voice may be saying “I’ll never be a mother” or “I just don’t believe it will happen”.

Listening to and transforming this inner dialogue is important to set your vibration for success. This week we will use visualisations alongside EFT to create a true mindset for success, attract opportunities and invite in your baby.

Whether or not you believe in manifestation we’ll approach this session with an open mind and heart, and a curiosity about the magic which can take place when you’re fully aligned with the dream of pregnancy and being a parent.

A magical final part of C.A.L.M. leaving you with a legacy of hope and success for the remainder of your journey to parenthood.

Value: £299

Your Sanctuary Community

A closed Facebook group especially for Fertile Mindset Sanctuary members. Join us 24/7 in a safe space to support and be supported.

Value: £250

Monthly Group Coaching

Within your  Fertile Mindset Sanctuary membership you are invited to take part in monthly coaching calls where you can ask her questions and request personalised tapping with Sarah. These calls are a fantastic opportunity for direct support from Sarah and to connect with other members of the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary.

Value: £360

Overcoming Infertility with EFT ebook

The ultimate Fertility EFT handbook. 109 pages to teach and guide you through using EFT for your fertility.

Value: £16

Discover & Demolish Your Conception Blocks

A 5 day e-course to support you in identifying and clearing your unique emotional blocks to conception. Start this e-course when you feel ready for deep, transformative work.

Value: £27

Support Throughout Your Cycle

Tap along with this series of MP3 audios to keep calm, focused and positive throughout your cycle as you try to conceive.

Value: £27

Fertility Boost Sheet

An easy to use tool to get back on track to a positive, motivated and fulfilling fertility journey.

Value: £10

Enjoying Pregnancy Tapping Audio

A positive pregnancy test is wonderful news, but after fertility challenges this next chapter can be filled with worry and anxiety. Tap along with ‘Enjoying Pregnancy After Infertility and Miscarriage’ to release fears and relax into your pregnancy.

Value: £10

The total value of all these resources within the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary is £999.00

Plus when you register you will receive these high value bonuses:


Fertility Focus Telesummit recordings

As founder and host of the Fertility Focus Telesummit for 6 years Sarah has interviewed many leading fertility experts on a wide range of topics from nutrition to Chinese medicine, fertility astrology and the law of attraction. Now you have access to over 90 hours of audio recordings and transcripts from all 7 telesummits. Enjoy!

Value: £679


Fertile Awakening Retreat recordings

 The entire Fertile Awakening Retreat recordings and resources to recreate the fertility retreat experience in your own home any time you wish. Choose a weekend and re-laaaax!

Value: £97

Plus I’ll gift you all these essentials within your Fertile Mindset Sanctuary membership…

The EFT Basics ebook

 A concise ebook written by Sarah to get started using the amazing emotional support tool – EFT!

“How To Do EFT” Video

Like to learn by watching as well as reading? In just 10 minutes you can learn EFT with this video and start tapping!

Tapping Points Reminder Sheet

When you’re learning something new it’s good to have a simple reminder to hand. Here’s an easy reminder of the EFT Tapping points to print out and keep with you.

Interviews with Sarah

Put your feet up and relax as you take your pick of Sarah’s interviews at numerous events on a variety of fascinating topics!

VIP Access to Personal Support with Sarah 

Is there an area of your fertility or emotional issue you would like to explore in more depth? Enrol in one-to-one support sessions with Sarah and get to the front of any wait list with your the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary membership “VIP access”.

VIP Access to Fertile Mindset Events

Want to meet Sarah in person and immerse yourself in live fertility support and transformation events? As a the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary member you will be the first to know about her live events around the world and qualify for VIP pricing and other surprises!

All for one low membership fee..


Read the experiences of others who have used the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary resources..







 “If you’re ready to start the next chapter of your fertility journey, to do things differently and prepare your mind, body and spirit for pregnancy and parenthood, then I’d love you to join me at the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary.”


How the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary works:

Online Resources – All the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary resources are accessible online as videos, MP3 audios, PDF documents and e-courses. You can access your membership and all the resources from anywhere just with your log in details.

Life Time Access – It’s here for as long as you need support. No monthly or annual payments – you have full unlimited access forever!

Access to Sarah – Receive support directly from me within our Monthly Coaching calls, and get to the front of my waiting list with “VIP Access” to my one-to-one support should you choose it.

A Community to Connect With – Even though it can feel like it at times, you are most definitely not alone on your fertility journey. Find others who understand what you are experiencing and are also focused on positive support and transformation.

The true value of all the resources, plus the bonuses, totals £1,775.00.

However full membership of the Fertile Mindset Sanctuary is just £399 for LIFETIME ACCESS!


:: One low membership fee to pay

:: No ongoing monthly or annual payments

:: Lifetime access for as long as you need support



Please email mail@fertilemindset.com if you experience any problems with payment.

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