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Why I’m not running another fertility summit

SarahSince 2010 I have hosted the annual (and last year bi-annual) Fertility Focus Telesummit. This online fertility conference reached audiences of up to 5,000 people each time and featured a glittering line up of fertility experts. These included my own personal fertility idols Toni Weschler and Dr Marilyn Glenville who authored the books I devoured when I was trying for my first baby. They gave me answers which directly helped me become a mum, so I knew how powerful it would be to bring together these experts and many more in a free online event.

These experts and most of the others I invited  to be interviewed had never taken part in online events before. It was new to them but they were very excited about the opportunity. It was a new venture for me also, and I was excited too – and a little terrified! Would the technology work? Would I be a good enough interviewer? Will anyone listen in?

I need not have been worried. Each of the 7 Fertility Focus Telesummits I brought to the world was a roaring success. The greatest measure of that success was the number of emails I received each time – both during the event telling me that eyes had been opened to new possibilities and solutions to fertility problems, and in the months after each Telesummit when I’d receive news of successful conceptions, healthy pregnancies, and beautiful babies born.

The impact of this online event was mind blowing and I’m so pleased that I took the leap into the unknown, back in 2010 when online summits were a new idea and I had to feel my way in the dark to understand how an event like this could work.

Now of course there are many, many fertility summits. They started as a trickle, with a couple of summit hosts contacting me for advice and inviting me to speak at their event. Many told me they were inspired by the Fertility Focus Telesummit and some reached out to me for “summit mentoring” which was a pleasure to provide.

Now 6 years on, I have lost count of how many fertility summits have taken place, many of which I have been interviewed for myself. As with all areas of the internet, there is a vast amount of fertility knowledge available online now including that provided at online events and summits.

As I brought my final Fertility Focus Telesummit to a close last year, I sensed a shift taking place. Within the fertility world, my community and within me. Whilst my 7 Telesummits have been, and always will be, one of my greatest professional and personal achievements I knew that it was time for something different.

So it was time to say a fond farewell to the Fertility Focus Telesummit.

It was time for something new, more focussed on my goals and more aligned with my mission at Fertile Mindset. My new ‘baby’ was conceived! This new baby is about to be born in the form of the Fertile Awakening at home retreat. In fact her due date is this Friday!

Fertile Awakening is not like nothing I have ever created before, nor have I seen anyone else host anything like this.

There is enough fertility information out there right now. You may feel like you have enough information, and if you do need more answers you know where to look. The many summits are a great source, as are the monthly Fertility Question Time events hosted by my friend and colleague Andrew Loosely.

What is needed right now is more focus of self care and creating space to work through the overwhelm of fertility issues and find a clarity and connection that supports you on your path to parenthood.

We all know how stressful fertility challenges are, and it’s becoming more widely acknowledged by clinics too. But what is really being done to remedy the overwhelm, the mental and physical exhaustion and the strain that fertility issues puts on individuals and relationships?

Not enough, that’s what.

So in the evolution of my online fertility events when I sensed the shift to the kind of fertility support that is wanted – that is needed – I decided to step up to the plate and create what I felt the 1 in 6 dealing with fertility issues are crying out for…

Acknowledgement of what you are experiencing, space to re-connect to yourself and your desire to be a mother, and real support and techniques that make you feel complete again.

You are trying for a baby; a mother in waiting – and you are so much more besides.

This weekend it’s time to give yourself the gifts of time and of nurturing. You deserve this so much, and my heart breaks at the thought of you missing out.

We are mostly all busy people, with not enough time, energy or money to spend on taking time out on a fertility retreat. Which is why I created the Fertile Awakening at home retreat to fit around your schedule and enable you to “retreat” away from stresses and worries, and into a peaceful healing space.

Fertile Awakening provides everything you need to create your own at home fertility retreat. We will help you prepare a space in your home and life for this retreat, assist you in stocking your larder and fridge to nourish your body, and stream powerfully relaxing and transformative events into your home each day of the long weekend retreat.

The Fertile Awakening retreat begins on Friday 29 July and runs through to Monday 1 August. If you can join us for the full weekend (just a couple of hours a day) that’s great, and if you can dip into just a few of the sessions that good too.

Join us at the Fertile Awakening retreat with a free ticket, and take whatever you need from the experience. You are very, very welcome.

Register your place here and join us at the Fertile Awakening at home retreat


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